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Phase II Projects

Current projects Lead researcher
Start date End date Outline
The Values of Assessment: disabled adults and social care Dr Val Williams 1 Oct 2014 31 May 2016 P60
Overcoming Barriers: Unpaid Care and Employment in England (Longitudinal Study) Dr Linda Pickard 1 Oct 2014 31 May 2016 P61
The SIgN project: Self-funders and Information Needs Dr Kate Baxter 1 Feb 2015 31 Oct 2017 P62

Phase I Projects

The following current projects were commissioned during Phase I and are continuing into Phase II.

Current projects Lead researcher
Start date End date Outline Insight
Resource allocation at the micro level in adult social care: determinants, methods and guidance Professor David Challis 1 Jul 2011 30 Sep 2014 PO15 IN15
Costs and benefits of social care support for ex-offenders with Learning Disabilities Professor Glynis Murphy 1 Apr 2012 30 Jun 2015 PO40 IN40
Models of safeguarding: A study exploring and comparing models of adult safeguarding Dr Martin Stevens 13 Aug 2012 31 Dec 2014 PO46 IN46
Optimising adult mental health service configurations across health and social care Professor David Challis 1 Apr 2013 30 Sep 2014
Rebuilding lives: Support formerly homeless people to achieve independent living Dr Maureen Crane 1 Jan 2013 30 Sep 2014 PO49
Care coordination: Exploring and informing the emerging role of the nonstatutory sector in long-term aged care in England Professor David Challis 1 Apr 2013 31 Dec 2014

The projects listed below were all completed during Phase I.

Completed projects Lead researcher
Start date Final report Outline Findings
Complex and severe needs Caroline Glendinning 1 Jun 2010 Completed PO1 RF1
Overcoming barriers: unpaid care and employment in England Dr Linda Pickard; Professor Martin Knapp 1 Jan 2011 Completed PO10 RF10
Local evidence of prevention investments, outcomes and sustainability Professor Jon Glasby 1 Jun 2011 Completed PO17 RF17
Individualisation of services - a scoping study Professor Ann Netten 1 Oct 2009 Completed PO2 RF2
A longitudinal study of the service use and need of homeless women Dr Emma Williamson 1 May 2011 Completed PO13 RF13
Safeguarding and best practice in services for adults with learning disabilities Dr Rachel Fyson 1 Jan 2011 Completed PO8 IN8
Estimating future demand for social care for younger disabled adults Dr Eric Emerson 1 Nov 2010 Completed PO5 RF5
Carers and personalisation – what is the role of carers in assessment, support planning and managing personal budgets, especially for people with cognitive or communication impairments? Dr Wendy Mitchell; Professor Caroline Glendinning 1 Jan 2011 Completed PO12 RF12
Changing social care markets – ensuring choice and control in home care for people opting for managed personal budgets. Dr Kate Baxter; Professor Caroline Glendinning 1 Jan 2011 Completed PO11 RF11
Older people's prevention services: Comparing perspectives of local authorities and the third sector Robin Miller, Catherine Mangan, Kerry Allen 1 Feb 2013 Completed   AD1
Recent survey evidence about unpaid carers: Implications for social care practice in England. Professor Ann Netten 1 Feb 2012 In peer review PO33  
Connecting people: an exploratory study of how health and social care workers help people to develop and maintain relationships Dr Martin Webber 1 Sept 2010 Completed PO3 RF3
Costs and outcomes of skilled support for adults with complex needs in supported accommodation Dr Julie Beadle-Brown 1 Jul 2010 In peer review PO9 IN9
Factors that contribute to the levels of satisfaction with social care for physical disabilities amongst Chinese and African Caribbean service users Professor Fiona Irvine 1 Nov 2011 Completed PO27 RF27
Improving effective integrated home support for people with dementia and their carers (PWD) - Development of a service fidelity index Professor Robert Jones 1 May 2010 Completed PO7 RF7
Improving employment opportunities for carers: identifying and sharing good practice Ms Rachel Marangozov 1 Jul 2011 Completed PO21 RF21
Liberty, equality, capacity: the impact of the deprivation of liberty safeguards on social care practice and human rights Dr Marcus Jepson 1 May 2010 Completed PO4 RF4
How effectively does the direct payments system work for people who lack the mental capacity to consent? Eva Cyhlarova 1 Apr 2011 In peer review PO16 IN16
Support planning in practice Dr Val Williams 1 Apr 2011 In peer review PO14 IN14
An exploration of service user and practitioner experiences of community treatment orders Dr Julia Stroud 1 Jul 2011 Completed PO18 RF18
E-inclusion and access to the “ICT-care sector” of older people in England Professor Martin Knapp 1 Apr 2012 Reporting PO38  
Can whole family approaches contribute to the reablement of people with mental health difficulties? Dr Jerry Tew 1 Jul 2011 Completed PO20 RF20
The economic consequences of community capacity-building projects Professor Martin Knapp 1 Jun 2012 Completed PO50 RF50
Are personal budgets always the best way of delivering personalised social care services to older people? Dr John Woolham 1 Nov 2011 In peer review PO19 RF19
Exploring satisfaction with personal social care services amongst Pakistani, Bangladeshi and White people Dr Margaret Blake 1 Jan 2012 Completed PO22 RF22
People with learning disabilities from black and minority groups: An exploration of their experiences and views of services Dr Michael Larkin 1 Jan 2012 In peer review PO29
Taking on and taking over: physically disabled young adults and their care and support arrangements Professor Caroline Glendinning 1 Jul 2012 Completed PO25 RF25
Managing organisational change in social care: A review for practitioners and managers Dr Tim Freeman 1 Sep 2012 Completed PO47 RF47
Acceptability of and satisfaction with social care among South Asian groups: a case study of Hampshire Dr Rosalind Willis 1 Feb 2012 Completed PO24 RF24
ASSET: Adult social services environments and settings Dr Simon Evans 1 Feb 2012 Completed PO34 RF34
A qualitative exploration of ethnic differences in satisfaction with support services amongst older people with long-term conditions and their carers Dr Nan Greenwood 1 Mar 2012 In peer review PO36 IN36
Social care interventions that promote social participation and well-being: a mixed methods study Dr Martin Webber 1 Nov 2011 Completed PO28 RF28
To identify, and assess the effectiveness of social care’s, contribution to the development of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) and the protection of adults facing domestic violence Professor Hugh McLaughlin 2 Jul 2012 Completed PO44 RF44
Developing best practice in social care and support for adults with concurrent sight loss and dementia within different housing settings Dr Karen Croucher 2 Jul 2012 Completed PO45 RF45
Outcomes, processes and cost-effectiveness of Shared Lives Professor Ann Netten 1 Jan 2012 In peer review PO30 IN30
ASCOT Feedback Intervention Study (AFIS): Exploring the feasibility of an outcomes-focused intervention on care home practice Ann-Marie Towers 1 Jun 2012 In peer review PO42 IN42
Can Participatory Video (PV) enhance social participation and well-being for people with dementia in residential social care? Dr Andrea Capstick 1 Nov 2012 Completed PO23 RF23
Overcoming barriers: Unpaid care and employment in England (Follow-on study) Dr Linda Pickard 1 Feb 2012 In peer review PO35 IN35
Relocation, portability and social care practice: investigating the barriers and solutions encountered by disabled people when moving across local authority areas for employment and education reasons Mr Dave Marsland 1 Jan 2012 In peer review PO31 RF31
Men living with long-term conditions: Exploring gender and improving social care. Mr David Abbott 1 Oct 2012 Completed PO48 RF48
Supporting people with learning disabilities who have offended to live safely in the community: negotiating policy and practice to promote social inclusion and rehabilitation Professor Anthony Holland 1 Jan 2012 Reporting PO32 IN32
Examining the economic case for social care interventions Professor Martin Knapp 1 Jun 2012 Reporting PO43
Developing a care home quality indicator based on residents’ social care related quality of life: adaptation of the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) from the individual to the home level in England Ann-Marie Towers 1 Apr 2013 In peer review PO51
Developing a care home quality indicator based on residents’ social care related quality of life: formats and interpretation of results Dr Jacquetta Holder 1 Mar 2013 In peer review PO52
The changing role of OT services in social care: A scoping study Professor David Challis 1 Apr 2013 Reporting  
Health and wellbeing consequences of social isolation in old age: a scoping study Emilie Courtin; Professor Martin Knapp 1 July 2013 Reporting   RF59
How far do managed personal budgets offer choice and control for older people using home care services? Dr Parvaneh Raibee; Professor Caroline Glendinning 1 Sep 2013 In peer review  
Carer's resource allocation systems: Local authority implementation in England Dr Wendy Mitchell; Professor Caroline Glendinning 1 Sep 2013 Completed RFAD3
Social care practice with carers: an investigation of practice models Professor Jill Manthorpe 1 July 2010 Completed PO6 RF6
Domestic violence against women with learning disabilities Dr Michelle McCarthy 1 Apr 2012 Completed PO39 RF39
Preventing challenging behaviour of adults with complex needs in supported accommodation Mr Peter McGill 1 Mar 2012 Reporting PO37
Employment support for disabled people with the relationship between investment and outcomes (people getting paid work) Mr Rob Greig 17 Oct 2011 Completed PO26 RF26
Risk, Safeguarding and Personal Budgets: exploring relationships and identifying good practice Dr Martin Stevens 1 May 2012 Completed PO41 RF41

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